Saturday, October 16, 2010

Viral Mitosis!

Alas the journey is over.  Thanks to all those who were able to take part in this year's (see what I did there?  Secretly implying there may be more in years to come? Nudge, nudge?) Exported! Film Festival!  Film makers and Film takers alike!

Speaking of Film taking.

I'm pleased to announce that The Carrier is now ready and available to spread to a DVD player near you!

For $15, you too can own A-Bobb's latest venture into the realm of dark science fiction.

This link oughta take you there.

Thanks again for your support, and will see you soon with greater fervor and ambition than ever before.
Here at Exocentric we spare no expence.

- Ex!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Regina Screening/The Carrier DVD!

Phew.  It's been a loooong time.  How have you been?
First?  Some updates.

The Toronto screening at Cinecycle has come and gone with great finese and response.  A modest turnout with a strong following!  Thanks again to Martin for hosting us!

And now.  FINALLY.  Exported is about to leave the east and follow the sun westward to Regina, Saskatchewan.

When you ask?  Friday, October 1st, 2010 at 7:00pm

Where?  The Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Who?  Well you of course!

Also we are selling copies of Adrian Bobb's The Carrier!  If you are heading out to the event, place your order for $10 and within 5 buisness days, you will recieve your very own copy of the DVD!

And for those of you out there that aren't able to make it, don't think I've forgotten about you!

It's as easy as sending an email to  Be sure to include your name, the number of copies you wish to receive, your phone number and most importantly your address, and we will send you out a copy ASAP!

All the best friends!

- Ex!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Exported! Torontoed, Plus Ones, and Tickets!

Hey everyone!

Yes.  It HAS been a while.  But for good reason!

The Montreal screening is coming up quickly (Next Thursday at the Segal Centre)!
For information on how to get there as well as how to reserve tickets, check out this link!

Also, the Toronto screening finally has a date!

July 29th at 8pm at the CineCycle.

Tickets are $8 at the door!

For more information visit:

Also at the Toronto screening we will be upgrading the venue's films by 1...

Todd McCauley's Hunting Ground will be amongst Exported!'s now 8 short films!

Stay tuned for further info on Hunting Ground as well as future screenings that will be announced within the next few weeks!

Bonne Cinema!

- Ex!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Exported!  The North American distributive film fest-iv-al for the best-of-all.
Brought to you by Exocentric Productions, Exported! aims to "export" 7 short films from here to there and vice-versa.  With screenings being held in Montreal QC, Toronto ON, London ON. and Regina SK, we aim to distribute and entertain.  Genres vary from romantic comedies to sci-fi horror!  A great look at the independent film scene from the eyes of the passionately involved.

Stay tuned for trailers, synopsis', screening dates, and more!

- Ex!

The Carrier

Two influential colleagues meet again for the first time since the outbreak of a major viral pandemic several years ago that nearly wiped out a quarter of the human population. The meeting takes an unexpected turn of events and leads to the unveiling of a 3rd and far more influential party.

Written and Directed by Adrian Bobb.

The Carrier Teaser Trailer from adrian on Vimeo.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward is the story of two young people who desperately try to turn a one-night-stand into a viable relationship after they've been caught by their intrusive parents. A comedy that desperately wants to turn into a tragedy.

Written by David Ouellet
Directed by Roch-Denis Gagnon


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raising Derrick Coen

Raising Derrick Coen is a short film that tells the untold story of the third Coen brother, Derrick, and his hand in the genius that is the Coen Brother’s filmography.

When Derrick’s parents perish in a tragic accident, the Coen’s welcome Derrick into their home, though Joel and Ethan are less than amused with their third brother. As they grow up, Derrick faces challenge after challenge while his brothers rise to become the prodigious autuers we know them as today.

Will Derrick ever get out from the hurricane-sized shadow that his brothers cast or will he melt away into obscurity?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Bits

A new couple negotiates the boundaries of their personal space.

Written and Directed by Tom Abray.

Two Bits (trailer) from Swink on Vimeo.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Eugenio's Farewell

Four human beings face the pain of absence. Each of them say good-bye to Eugenio in their own unique way. Unexpectedly, the reviving of memories eases their grief and gives them the strength to continue living.

Written and Directed by Alex Zuno

Eugenio's Farewell Trailer from Alex Zuno on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Death of Michael Callaghan

One murder, mob boss Michael Callaghan. One son, the enraged Quinn Callaghan. One friend, the intense Connor O'Leary. The hunt is on for Michael Callaghan's killer, but will Connor be able to keep Quinn in check long enough to find out the truth, or will tempers flare into violence in the wake of one man's death.

Written and Directed by Alden Adair and Trenna Keating.

The Death of Michael Callaghan -Trailer from Alden Adair on Vimeo.

Life of an Urban Superhero

 A news reporter investigates the story and motivation of a local urban crime fighter.

Written and Directed by Byron Bornhorst